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Fully automatic thread rolling machine with manufacturer

Release time:2017-07-12


   Technology specification of  thread rolling machine 

This is three axles rollers hydraulic thread rolling machine FR-60 ,The model equirement is suitable for rolling thread ,rolling cobweb ,rolling straight grain ,rolling finish ,rolling flower .rolling steel ,rolling groove ,roll-off ,rolling sphere ,hobbing .straightening on metal pipe .Different type is decided different mould .


Mechanical structure ,We are the manufacturer with taiwan brand joint venture ,We pay more attention to machine technology ,Two axles fixed (size can be adjusted within allowable range)which on 3 axle vertical machine ,cam push forward or back through the third axis ,Taiwan brand technology of thread rolling machine .


But we have know the technology specification of thread rolling machine ,How do we use the machine on a good condition ?The pipe which need to rolling thread are inserted into the middle of the three-wheel ,roller cone squeeze the workpiece to making thread ,designed for pipe .

A.principle of Triangular support ,to ensure the concentricity ,roundness ,perpendicularity of workpipe 

B.In fixed and thru both available .

C.Using Taiwan cylindrical injection oil pump and hydraulic series accessories ,electrical appliances ,The oil circuit used for a long time no heat without cooling system .

D.Import cardan joint and lubrication system with an electric pump ,not Manual injection lubrication pump ,using Japanese bearings .

E.Axles and gears with heat treatment and fine grinding ,the machine with small noise and long-term durability .

F.Taiwan brand speed governorG.According customers'requirement ,add to automatic feeding device .