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Thread rolling machine for solid bar

Release time:2017-07-13

.About thread rolling machine for bar technology parameter 

I am janet from dongguan fangrong precision machine industry co.,ltd ,Our company was established in 1999 ,has experienced over 18 years in China .We specialized in thread rolling machine and straightening machine and drawing bench machine and shrinking machine ect ,We have more than 7000 customers in China ,and we have delivered machines over 50 countries for around the world .

thread rolling machine fatory manufacturer

This is two axles hydraulic rolling machine has experienced over 18 years  at this area .This series equipment for rolling thread ,rolling cobweb ,rolling straight grain ,rolling finish ,rolling cross flower rolling steel ,rolling groove ,roll-off ,rolling sphere ,hobbing ect .

Mechnical structure :One axle fixed ,one axle push forward or back ,Taiwan brand technology of thread rolling machine .

Manner of working :The bars which need to rolling thread are inserted into the middle of the two-wheel ,roller cone squeeze the workpiece to making thread ,designed for bars .

A. In fixed and thru both available .

B.Using Taiwan cylindrical injection oil pump and hydraulic series accessories ,electrical appliances ,The oil circuit used for a long time no heat without cooling system .

C.Import cardan joint and lubrication system with an electric pump ,not Manual injection lubrication pump,using Japanese bearings .

D.Axles and gears with heat treatment and fine grinding ,the machine with small noise and long-term durability .

E.Taiwan brand speed governor .

F.According customers'requirement ,add to automatic feeding device .

Thread rolling machine for bar manufacturer

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