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Thread rolling machine with manufacturer price

Release time:2017-10-19

Dongguan Fangrong Precision Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.

1. Before the arrival of the customer, the factory selection, preparation, preparation of information

We are trading companies, there are a number of cooperative factories, but the factory is really good and bad, regardless of size, machine uniformity, technical maturity, process familiarity are very different.

Customers come to China before, are after a certain primaries, will tell the selected factory to achieve what kind of conditions, since promised, so that customers come, it must be done, can not do that means out The

Therefore, the choice of the right factory is very important, the choice of the premise is the technical capacity of each factory, the workshop existing equipment has a timely and comprehensive understanding, of course, we have the main cooperation factory, but customers must see the equipment, Factory relations no matter how good, but also cut love choose other home!

Select the factory, the next step is to test machine, to stop the test, until the customer can achieve the requirements, video, photos are necessary, the sample is also essential, the only way, will not be eliminated because of the basic things The

Information prepared, has been said many times, standardized documents, customer information collection form, in fact, found that the collection of customer information is still relatively thick, did not enter a deeper level, for example, only to prepare the surface of things, not ready to hide But perhaps the most important thing, the simplest example, such as coming to an Indian customer, requires some off-site information such as music, such as movies, such as something, and so on, in addition to talking about the product.

Customers often ask, whether you go to our country's exporting country, ah, this time we are prepared to complete the information will be very critical, ok, through, to a certain city in a city, I can show you photos, I told customers Of the photo, which is a customer signed a contract with our photo, although you can not tell the company name, but in case you know, you can go directly to the communication!