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Delivery to American Customer

Release time:2018-07-28

This is FR-90*90 Hydraulic thread rolling machine , This is American client come to our factory , Also make a deal with us .Our company are specialized in producing hydraulic thread rolling machine , striaghtening machine and shrinking machine and cold drawing machine etc .We get this good samples on our machines .America client.jpg

Thread Rolling Machine rolling thread,knurling,rolling straight,roll cross flower,rolling groove,roll-off,hobbing on metal pipe and tube,including copper,aluminium,steel and iron.?

1.Mechanical structureTwo axles fixed (size can be adjusted within allowable range) which on 3 axle vertical machine. cam push forward or back through the third axis, Taiwan brand thread rolling machine technology.?

2.Manner of workingPipe insert into the middle of the three-wheel, roller cone squeeze the workpiece to rolling thread,designed for pipe and tube.


1.Low noise,stable performance,high precision and durable.

2.Fixed roll and Free roll.

3.Taiwanese column injection pump and Hydraulic system.

4.Japanese bearing.

5.Automatic lubrication system.

6.Automatic feeding device can be opted.

7.Processing small pitch and long workpiece.

8.Principle of Triangular support is specialized for tube and pipe,to ensure the concentricity,roundness,perpendicularity of the workpiece.?

4.Quality Process Certifications: ISO9001-2008Rolled threads are 

stronger than cut threads, with increases of 10% to 20% in tensile strength and possibly more in fatigue resistance and?wear .In general, this machine is more cheapest and more economy than micro lathe,and more stable and more precision to shape.alibaba_02.gifalibaba_04.gif

1. What’s the price of threading rollers?

Re: Kindly please let me know your rod material and the detailed size, such as diameter and thread pitch, etc., so that we can check for you accordingly.

 2. We have different rod diameter from 20-80mm, how to choose threading rollers?

Re: The threading roller will be suitable for various length and diameter, but for different thread pitch, it should be changed accordingly.

 3. How to operate the thread rolling machine, assuming it has auto cycle and foot pedal?

Re: The thread rolling machine is equipped with button control panel and foot pedal, so the working cycle can be exchanged as automatic work or inching.

 4. What’s the capacity of the thread rolling machine and what’s the serve life?

Re: The speed of thread rolling machine is about 1m/min.Generally speaking, the roller can be used for more than 60000 meters long.Also it is relevant to the material hardness and your operation.

5. Do you have customers in our country?

We are the leader thread rolling machine supplier in China, also we have customers worldwide, such as America, Argentina, Brazil, Belarus, Bangladesh, Germany, Israel, India, Japan,and Italy, etc.