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Straightening machine FR-76(14 rollers)

straightening machine  are main to process

pipe like Alumium,stainless steel,copper.the best  

precision we can control it at 0.01 mm 

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Pipe Roller Straightening Machine is metal processing straightening machine for metal pipe and tube,including aluminium,copper,steel,brass and iron.It through extruding change the straightness of metal pipe and tube.

Pipe Roller Straightening Machine is developed from Taiwan 14 roller straightening,it is more precision,straightness can be less than 0.3mm/m.Generally,ranging from the number,there are have two rows of straightening rollers,maybe 10 rollers,14 rollers,17 rollers and 20 rollers.

The main types including Pressure Straightening Machine, Balancing Roller Straightening Machine, Shoe Roller Straightening Machines, Rotary Anti-straightening Machines and more.


1.high efficiency

2.high precision

3.not to hurt the surface

4.smooth running and easy to operation.